Industrial Floor Post to support tablet screen, flexible keyboard tray and large monitor

Floor-mounted post ideal for industrial settings. Constructed from 11 Gauge cold-rolled steel. Comes with keyboard tray supported on a flexible Z-arm, an iPad or tablet holder also mounted on a flexible Z-arm. Upper portion of post will support a large monitor, up to 55′ for superior viewing, monitoring , and surveillance. This post stands tall and can been seen from a distance whilst accommodating the operator/factory worker whilst entering data or checking off inventory.

  • Rigid steel construction and smooth powder-coated surface
  • Incremented side mounting system for manual height-adjustments
  • VESA plate mount for eye-level computer monitor
  • large-format monitor mount for upper monitor
  • short Z-arm mount for tablet/iPad
  • internal wire-management void to conceal unsightly wires.

Industrial Floor-mounted Post with iPad holder, keyboard tray and large monitor