Recognized leader in (modular / technical / specialty) furniture for a full spectrum of Industrial applications, AFC offers a broad selection of workstations, carts and racking systems that suit virtually every use and physical space. Leaders in the computing, manufacturing, materials handling, supply chain fields and more, rely on AFC for its uncompromising quality, as do a wide range of companies, from coast to coast, concerned with the comfort and productivity of their employees.

    Here are the features you can depend on from AFC products:
  • Quality Contemporary Styling
  • Extra Heavy Duty Durability
  • Ergonomic Design & Functionality for Maximum Operator Convenience
  • Standard and Custom Configurations
  • Stationary and/or Mobile
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Complete line of Accessories to Meet Your Needs


Quality Control

We have a rigorous quality control. Total quality program includes complete product testing before shipping. We meet the highest industry standards.

Design & Engineering

Industry trained engineers & designers work directly with you in designing specifically to your requirements. AFC's staff is expert in workspace design. Our products are ergonomically designed for maximum operator convenience.

Manufactured with Quality and Pride in New York City

All design, production and quality control is done on the premises in New York. It is this proud attention to detail that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Wood Shop

All work surfaces and shelves have pressurized and scratch resistant long lasting laminate. Many colors available!

Metal Shop

Our carts, racks and workstations are built exclusively from reinforced steel. Our standard is 11 Gauge cold-rolled steel.

Paint Shop

Epoxy powder-coated and anti-microbial paint finishes.

Shipping & Assembling

We deliver our furniture fully assembled for maximum strength and safety. This saves the customer time and effort. We ship worldwide! For standard items we offer rapid shipment from stock.


  • AFC warrants our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product.
  • Bushings and similar high-wearing parts, including all movable parts are covered for five years.
  • Electronics and Motors are covered for one year.
  • Lights and illuminators are covered for one year.
  • Any modifications made to AFC products without our written approval will void any warranty. Please contact AFC regarding any modifications to our products.

Extended Warranty is available, please contact us for details.